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Mayoral Transitions: How Three Mayors Stepped into the Role, in Their Own Words

  • Authors Lisa Cox, Mitchell B. Weiss, Jorrit de Jong, Kimberlyn Leary

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Strategic Leadership and Management

North America, Northeast Region, United States, South Region, United States


New mayors face distinct challenges as they assume office. In these vignettes depicting three types of mayoral transitions, explore how new leaders can make the most of their first 100 days by asserting their authority and leveraging a strong team to overcome obstacles.

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Mayoral transitions can stretch for many months between election to inauguration or can be as compact as a couple of weeks—or even days. They can represent jarring shifts from the status quo or commitments to continuity. Regardless of the specific circumstances, stepping into the role, building a team, and preparing to deliver on campaign promises is a daunting challenge.

This case presents the stories of three leaders who took the helm of U.S. cities under varying circumstances: Louisville, Kentucky, Mayor Greg Fischer; Mount Vernon, New York, Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard; and Miami, Florida, Mayor Francis Suarez.

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