Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellowships

  About the Fellowship

We welcome 2024 graduates of Harvard master’s or professional degree programs to consider applying for this exciting opportunity. Applications will open in fall 2023.

Successful applicants will be placed in paid, two-year fellowships in municipal leadership in city halls across the United States and tasked with supporting cities in developing and deepening capabilities to address pressing municipal challenges.‍

The fellowship provides a salary and benefits plus robust professional development and cohort learning through the two years, including in-person convenings and numerous opportunities to interact with and learn from peers, Bloomberg Harvard staff, and faculty.‍

Group of Harvard graduates who hold City Hall Fellowships
The inaugural cohort of Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellows with program staff, 2022


City leaders are often best positioned to make government more effective, efficient, innovative, and equitable for residents. Working in a city hall will provide you with immediate opportunities to drive change and innovation. Read about our current Fellows and their work.

Check your graduate program’s career services communications for ongoing in-person information sessions across the University. Sessions are taking place at HKS, HLS, GSD, HGSE, and other Harvard schools.

Contact Snapper Poche or Lindsay Woodson with questions or for more information.


The second cohort of the Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellows pose for a group photo.
The second cohort of Bloomberg Harvard City Hall Fellows, 2023


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